Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Expanding My Horizons

It suddenly occurred to me that I've lived her for over three years, let alone the times that I used to come down and visit nanny and I've hardly been out of the house and back garden. I don't know why suddenly today but I decided I was going to expand my horizons a little and venture further. 

Where should I go? Well certainly not over the road, I mean there's the road to traverse and I'm not going to be doing that so how about the house where George, Bella, Sarah and the Naughty Twins live, yes that's a plan!

Off I went across the back wall, past Sunshine shed and over C's back wall as well. I was at the edge of their land now. I must admit I was a little scared, I've never been this far before, I mean what would it look like there and would I be spotted?

The answers came thick and fast, yes I would by the darker Naughty Twin who was having a sit on the fence on the far side of their garden. He didn't seem to mind but then again it was have been a bit hypocritical if he had, the amount of time they spend over here.

I then jumped onto their garage roof and had a closer inspection of the metal artwork they'd placed on the roof. Not sure what it is supposed to be but then again that's modern art for you.

I then had a peak into C's garden, the view is very different from this side, she does keep it lovely though.

I then decided to have a better peak into the Naughty Twins garden, um yes they have done it out very nice, there's lots of things to play with in there.

So I sat for a while to see if George or Bella or someone would come out but they didn't. The darker Naughty Twin had gone inside so I was left there all on my own, still I wasn't coming across for a chat.

Time to go home, I think that's enough for today but I am so pleased I took the chance, I don't know what's made me wait so long there was nothing to be afraid off. Now where shall I explore next?