Sunday, 2 June 2013

A Secret Liason

We all had a bit of a sleep in this morning after such a late night last night and very much needed it was. I like to wake up slowly in the mornings and sometimes with River around that just isn't an option but with daddy picking her up and pulling her on the bed to keep her quiet I managed to do just that.

Looking at the window I thought I saw some movement up by Squirrel Tree but I couldn't be sure if it was just the sleep haze in my eyes producing a bit of a mirage but as I focused I realised that I had indeed seen something.

There up amongst the branches were two cats and as I cleared the mud of my sleep I realised that Sarah and Spit were hiding out having a secret liaison. So if I can get this straight at the moment she's got Mogsie, George and Spit on the go all at the same time. At least she seems to be keeping this one a little bit more discreet, but it throws up the question why did she attack him last week?