Friday, 21 June 2013

Ah Peaceful Times

Everyone deserves to spend their birthday in exactly the way that they want so that's exactly what I did. After all the fuss this morning after Stay came back in I decided I actually wanted to have some quiet time so even though daddy left the office door open for me I elected to go back to bed which is where I stayed.
I woke to hear a bit of a hullabaloo coming from downstairs, I ventured half way down and saw Auntie   Silver had come to see daddy and was playing around with River. Good she's occupied I thought and ran out to have dinner and found another great big pile of Dreamies waiting for me. After I scoffed the lot I pondered whether to go and have a chat with Auntie Silver but thought nah I'm going back upstairs, enjoy the peace while I can.

Daddy came up after she'd gone and he asked me if I wanted to come down and join them but I just fancied a quiet day, I might go down a little later but I will take the on the bed cuddle on offer from daddy. Ah peaceful times, just what you want on your birthday when you are 11.