Sunday, 30 June 2013

I Can't Believe He Didn't Tell Me

I'm just sitting here with the daddies, they're watching one of their favourite shows which I must admit I'm quiet into myself, all the best fairy stories begin Once Upon A Time...

Anyway I digress, there I was sitting with the daddies enjoying the last of the days warmth by an open window when I spotted Mogsie heading across this way. I thought he was coming over to see me but he stopped by the edge of the lawn and looked down the road. It was then that I spotted Twizzle sitting on her pathway also looking out and then the darker Naughty Twin at the end of our pathway doing the same.

My head moved from one to the other and then back again, I think Daddy must have his own set of catty powers;

Must be watching out for the fox that's been around here the past two nights, he said as he stroked my head and carried on back at the TV.

What! Foxy Lectar has been coming over for the past two nights and not only have I missed it, no one else has mentioned it to me. I can't believe daddy knew and he didn't tell me.