Friday, 21 June 2013

Not Just My Birthday

Today is not just my birthday by a strange coincidence it's the day I gave birth to Charlie and my girls, what a time that was!

I was down visiting nanny at the time, the daddies had gone on holiday and whenever they did they always brought me down to visit nanny. Although I always miss them when they are away I loved coming to see nanny she really spoilt me, she was probably one of the worlds biggest lover of us cats and I always had lots of company, it was always a full house what with Smokey, Misty and Lucy her three companions and then with Evie and me both down here it was like a cat party.

The Daddies hadn't realised that I was as far gone as I was when they went away or I'm sure they wouldn't have left me although I couldn't have been in better hands. I've always been a svelte cat so I guess I wasn't really showing that much and they'd only cottoned on a week or so before I gave birth that I was pregnant at all.

I remember feeling it was coming on the day before and got myself ready finding a spot in the corner to settle, over where Aloha now live. Oh it was a weird experience I felt so bloated, my catty powers where telling me what was going to happen and I guess I was with the right person for the experience as nanny was clever and realised what was happening as she got ready to go to bed, so she didn't. She waited up all night with me and when it got to about 3am it all started. I had four little babies, one of them didn't make it though and nanny sat up all the time with me, giving me strokes and wiping my brow.

Oh the daddies where so excited when nanny phoned them to tell them what had happened and when they got home it wasn't possible to give me any more attention, they so loved my children. For a while they struggled over what to do with us all, we lived in a flat in London and although it was a decent size, not really ideal for the five of us so my two girls went to live with their friends mum and Charlie stayed with me at home.

My little baby who didn't make it is up in the Peace Garden along with all our departed darlings and I often go up there to remember her and my other children, it's the perfect spot, nice and peaceful and I can get lost in my thoughts. I hope Charlie and the girls are having a lovely birthday too, Happy 8th birthday kids.