Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Progress Is Progress

Daddy ejected me from the office again, I know it will happen if I climb all over him when he's working but sometimes I just can't help myself.

I came downstairs and after all the hullabaloo this morning I was a little cautious but River's worn herself out, although she lifted her head up when she saw me coming down she just sighed and went back to sleep so I managed to re-claim my spot on the window ledge.

Low and behold Mogsie turned up, unfortunately as Daddy is working the window is closed so we couldn't have a proper chat but it was nice that he came by to say hello.

There's so much more that I wanted to say, just to have a talk really but after my conversation with the lighter Naughty Twin last night I'm beginning to understand he's a lot more complex than I at first thought and that I shouldn't always get so tiffed when he acts in a not very consistent way. I do trust him I always have it's just that at times he really does give off mixed messages and without talking to me, opening up, how on earth can I understand what's going on?

Still it was nice for us to both just sit by each other for a while, progress is progress after all.