Thursday, 13 June 2013

I Wish I Had A Big Brother

Sometimes I just don't get men.

There's Mogsie for one, finally showing his face after he asks me to hang out with him and then I don't see him for days. He waves, yes waves at me from the other side of the road but doesn't come over when it was him wanting to spend time with me. OK yes I know that I jumped at the invitation but he made a move and then seems to think playing it cool is an attractive quality.

The second man I can't understand is Stay daddy, he's let me know that tonight his favourite show about people living in a house for months on end is back on. All my life I've had to put up with this. I don't begrudge him his pleasures he does look after us all and all that but I just don't get why he loves watching people living in a house, arguing, getting drunk, fighting, scheming and falling in love so much.

Oh men, sometimes I wish I had a Big Brother to help me understand.