Friday, 14 June 2013

A Love In

I was very much about to get on my high horse. Mogsie, Sarah and both the Naughty Twins are were all gathering over the road and I initially thought a Cat Council meeting had been called and I hadn't been invited. I'm so glad I didn't act on my first feelings.

It turns out not to be that at all but a kind of a love in. Sarah seemed to be sniffing the darker Naughty Twins bottom while he just watched Mogsie rolling around all over the place enjoying this brief glimpse of sun that we are having today.

The darker Naughty Twin went up to Mogsie to give him a kiss. Talk about mis-reading the signs, Mogsie is a cool cat but he's not into men everyone knows that and it was all a bit embarrassing. The lighter Naughty Twin just walked off, I'm guessing she's still got problems of her own to think about without trying to educate her brother. Still at least I wasn't being left out of anything, although Mogsie still hasn't bothered to move his bum over this way. I wonder if the show was for my benefit?