Sunday, 9 June 2013

OK Here Goes

Ah so Amsterdam that's where they went. The daddies love it there and decided to sit me down very late last night to tell me all about it. Great! 

OK here goes. Bobbly headythings, check

Ooh now that is nice, very classy.

The Dutch must be very big!

Yep, yep come on I've got stuff to tell you, yes of course people with horses heads singing, it's Amsterdam doh.

Um Ok I suppose they do need to cater for those with a strange penchant for dogs.

Yep, yep, another horse head singer, next.

A sailor elephant, OK you got my attention!

Obviously a very artistic and astute bunch the Dutch, cat street art, tasteful. 

Breakdancing in the street, check! 

Oh right and finished up in a jazz bar did we?

...anyway River she keeps on sleeping in my spot, make her stop daddy!

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side