Wednesday, 5 June 2013

I Said Hello Over The Garden Fence

Wow early morning and fevered activity at home today and it's only just 8 I decided to keep out of it and hang out outside before it gets too warm. I was going to have a little rest on the lawn but River and daddy came out so that put paid to that idea. Escaping to higher ground on the fence I spotted Mogsie doing exactly what I wanted to do in C's garden.

It;'s been a while since we just hung out so I said hello over the garden fence and he said hi back. I thought things would be awkward after all the friskiness over the past few days but no it was fine and I soon found myself chatting away to him and Mogsie chatting fluidly back. Maybe we've turned a bit of a corner, it's obvious we both like each other but sometimes that's just not enough, sometimes it's better to remain just good friends.