Sunday, 2 June 2013

Caught! - I'm Expecting Fireworks

Secret meetings and lies it was all bound to end in tears, Sarah and Spit's were caught by the darker Naughty Twin of all people.

Poor Naughty Twin he was supposed to be having a relationship with Spit and what a way to find out that you are being cheated on. He was just on a nice sunny Sunday morning stroll along the back fence when he came across them both still huddled up in the corner smooching.

He just stood there is shock before running off and he looked very sad indeed. Spit's as bad as Sarah he's been with her, Bella and both the Naughty Twins this past few weeks, talk about putting it about, those two are as bad as each other, I'm so glad I'm not directly involved in any of this. 

Oh I've just thought wait until George and Mogsie find out I don't think either of them are going to be too happy about these developments, in Catworld this sort of news generally doesn't take that long to get around, I'm expecting fireworks!