Friday, 7 June 2013

Hocus Pocus

The words exchanged between the Naughty Twins must have been a bit more serious than even I thought I've just spotted the darker Naught Twin up by the Swinging Heart of Love and it looks very much like he's trying to consult with The Wiseman. The poor boy has been through it a bit recently, coming out, his relationship with Spit, Spit cheating on him and then all this falling out with his sister.

I've not tried to consult with The Wiseman since Foxy Lectar knocked him over and he had the accident to his head, I wasn't sure if he'd been able to operate in the way that he always has. I know Stay daddy put it back on again but unless he did some sort of hocus pocus I didn't think he would work again. I should have had more faith I guess The Wiseman has never let us down before I hope the darker Naughty Twin did manage to get the answers he sought.