Thursday, 27 June 2013

But I Do Know This

Daddy just popped out to the shop and when he was coming back in M called him over to her side of the road, she was talking to their friend L and she said she had some very important information to tell him.

When daddy came back in and told me, well I was all ears as you can image, the thing is with him he does string out a story sometimes when all you want him to do it get to the point. There I was virtually hoping about from one foot to another and he went to get a diet coke and to give River a treat. After he popped to the bathroom, ate his sandwich and emptied the bin he sat me down to finally tell me what was going on.

The lighter Naughty Twin has now virtually moved in to Mogsie's back garden day shed, Mogsie and George have been having almost daily bust ups maybe it's because of this but I just don't know they've always had a bit of a tempestuous relationship and.....

Bella and the lighter Naughty Twin, M thinks are pregnant again, swelling bellies, the culprit she suspects is Spit as he's been hanging around over there a lot recently and we all know what a lothario he is.

Blimey turn your back for a moment and it's all change and there's me thinking that the biggest problem we had around here was Flash trying to come back and cause trouble.