Monday, 24 June 2013

There's Another One To Come

What a weeks it's been so far for birthdays, this is always a mad one. First there was mine, Charlies and the girls, then it was daddies friends WHS, CC and the girl who tried to steal River in her handbag once. Today's turn is for Stay Daddy. 

I went out early to pick him some flowers from the garden, I know he loves those roses and is secretly quiet proud of them so I knew he'd appreciate waking up to them.

Then daddy disappeared with River somewhere and came back with HA2 to be friends with Alo, they seem to be getting on very well together. Not too impressed though that daddy has moved my drinking fountain up higher so I can't easily get to drink from it but I suppose it is their home so I should show a bit more respect.

River's still suffering exhaustion but her new bone seems to be keeping her just about this side of unconciousness.

I'm now just chilling with everyone on the table all of us together in the same room, my work for the day done.

Even Nadia's made an appearance but the week of birthday madness is not done yet, there's another one to come!

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