Thursday, 6 June 2013

Hell Yes

What a day! The daddies have gone out somewhere and the Daddymummy is here to look after us, well I say us I mean River, Nadia and I are pretty self-sufficient we can look after ourselves. Still it's lovely to see her she always gives us so much love and attention and strokes.

Anyway I decided to go out and enjoy the sun, I've been doing so much sleeping that I keep on missing out on the sun and who should I see just as I was getting read, Mogsie. OK maybe that was a little bit of motivation there to go side, so I went out the side to find him approaching our back garden.
We both stopped a little bit surprised and then he came out with it. He said that he's missed us just hanging out and that he thought I was different from most of the other cats around here and would I like to spend some time together. 

Would I like to, hell yes even though I'm so cautious but sometimes cautiousness needs to be thrown to the wind, after all we're just hanging out with each other.