Tuesday 10 June 2014

The Safest Place

It's another beautiful day here in Catworld, in some ways too hot, well not for me I don't feel the heat but for poor River who is flaked out on the sofa, too tired and hot to even move.

I decided to keep a watch over her, as I know she needs to keep a moderate temperature, from the window when I spotted Sarah over the other side of the road looking over here very intently.

When she started to make a move over here I thought that she was coming to try to communicate with me again but she walked up the side of the house. I followed her to see what she was up to and by the time I got to the back I saw she was in the back garden, a very brave move indeed, the doors open and River could have run out there any time.

Anyway there she was digging around in the space where Daddy had dug up a great big plant from yesterday. She was moving her buried treasures, clever cat, with River being around it's probably the safest place hardly anyone would have the courage to come in the garden to search, at least during waking hours!