Sunday 29 June 2014

What Went Down

Chameleon has just come by, demanding his Dreamies. 

I thought that Doublay had managed to sort him out a bit, you know got him to calm down and stop walking around like king of the hill, but as I've not seen Doublay since his *clears throat* conversation with Chameleon on Friday so I've not managed to catch up with exactly what went down.

The trouble is I've still not managed to master moving things yet and so was a bit stuck as to what to say. Thinking about it, it was a bit of a fatal flaw in my part of the plan.

I wasn't scared but did what Daddy does when he's trying to avoid people who come calling unannounced and ducked down out of sight. I do hope he didn't see me, there's no way I want him thinking I'm scared of him.