Monday 30 June 2014

There's Nothing Like A Cat

Thank goodness the rains stopped and the cats are out to play, Doublay and the lighter Naughty Twin were both going for a stroll and I was able to call Doublay over. I wasn't sure what to say to the lighter Naughty Twin knowing what I know now about his/her challenging situation but luckily she still can't see me so there was nothing that could have been given away by my face.

Anyway I told Doublay what happened yesterday with Chameleon making a break-in to our back garden and his face said he was not happy. 

I suspected this might happen, he said, give him an inch and he takes a mile but don't worry Lil' I'll deal with this and off he walked.

As he was walking off he asked the lighter Naughty Twin to stick around for a while to make sure that if Chameleon turned up when he was gone that she could report back directly to him what happened and it gave me a chance to try to communicate with her.

I say try because as much as I called her name she didn't react but it was nice to have her around and for a while I just sat next to her listening to the sound of her breathing. I've missed the close company of my cat friends, dogs and humans are great but there's nothing like a cat!