Thursday, 26 June 2014

Oh My Head Hurts, I Think I Need a Doctor

All night it's been going over and over in my mind what the darker Naughty Twin said.

The Queen of Catkind is awakening, the time is coming as is her curse. All of Catkind has waited so long for this time, the time that our Queen comes back, she's been lost so long and so very far away, lost because of a wrong choice made. Lost because another wanted power and that greed had turned them mad. So many years she's been gone and our Queen has been missed, but it never crossed my mind that when she came back, which had always been foretold, that she would bring that curse with her. 

So much now made sense, Catkind really was in peril and somehow we were all involved in what was to happen and what had happened, we must be with all the information given out by Troy Lamore.

I'm pretty much camping out next to the Easter Island Head now waiting for LUM to speak. It's too late to stop the inevitable but if I get any clues as to when she's coming then it'll be worth the wait.

Poor Naughty Twins, something he only just didn't do affecting him and therefore his brother/sister all of their lives and yet it's only just happened, thank goodness I paid attention to those shows that Daddy watches about how time can be rewritten. Oh my head hurts, I think I need a Doctor!