Sunday 1 June 2014

Oh For Those Old Days, The Days Of Peace

Mogsie is up early laying out enjoying the morning sun. I took the opportunity of everyone being asleep to come down on my own. It was a late night last night the Daddies had one of the oldest friends over yesterday which was lovely but as she brought her little dog Emma over with them I decided to let them all get on with it and stayed upstairs on my own just looking out and reflecting on the events of this past couple of week. 

I thought coming back form the other side was the strangest thing to ever happen to me but them there was The Lane of Bells with George and the revelations from him and Doublay about Troy and then all this talk of The Queen of Catkind, my heads been spinning a bit and it was great to take stock.
I'm pretty sure Mogsie knows something too but he's playing his cards very close to his chest, I do hope he comes across soon so I can try to get to the bottom of that mystery. Oh for those old days, the days of peace.