Friday, 27 June 2014

Dance With The Devil

Oh dear what have we done, dance with the devil and the devil dances with you. I'm beginning to regret getting Chameleon involved in our plans as he now seems to be thinking that he can throw his weight around here. 
He's just walked bold as brass right across Tony's lawn, right under Mogsie and Twizzles window, dirty looked the darker Naughty Twin and walked right up the side of the house as if to go into his back garden.

He then walked right over here, looked into the window and grinned.
Luckily Doublay spotted him and as he passed he just looked up and said;

Don't worry Lil', I'll sort this.
And followed him up C's pathway.

I couldn't see what was going on but could hear a heated exchange of words. I wasn't the only one, River, coming back from her walk tried to run up the path to get at them both. That would have broken up the row but luckily Daddy had a tight grip on her. 

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