Tuesday 24 June 2014

It Would Have Been My Birthday 3 Days Ago

Another day here in Catworld and the sun's shining again. Chameleon is up and about early creeping around over Mogsie and Twizzles, what he's up to I've no idea my minds on other things?

It's Stay Daddies birthday today and it suddenly hit me, it would have been my birthday three days ago I would have been 12! I'll no longer have birthdays and experience the build up and excitement of the day, the fuss that the Daddies always used to make of me all day, it's all now a thing of the past. Special treats, extras handfuls of Dreamies and some present that I'll look at once and never touch again, bless them they did always used to try and get me excited but us cats have other ways in which we like to celebrate the day we came into the world.

A lay in the sun, some peace and quiet and maybe gorging ourselves on our favourite treats before a cuddle up in the evening. 

All of that's in my past now and maybe it's a condition of going to the other side that you just don't remember the day again. Daddy must have as he's been looking at some photo's of me this morning and smiling a little but he looks sad too, we've spent so many together and now no more. It's making me a little sad as well but I'm sitting as close to him as I can, would be easier of course if River wasn't running all over him back and forth, still she's got her eye on Chameleon, and as we know she's so easily distracted!