Monday, 2 June 2014

Puffing Out His Chest

There's just been a stand off between Chameleon and the lighter Naughty Twin.
He was just sitting on the pathway opposite, now that the rain has stopped, and up boll'd Chameleon but unlike yesterday where the lighter Naughty Twin just sat there and observed what was going on today as soon as he spotted Chameleon up his rose puffing out his chest to show he wasn't going to be intimidated a second day running and stopped Chameleon in his tracks.

He must have sensed today wasn't going to be the pushover that yesterday was, I think it must have caught then unawares but that today they were prepared. After a couple of minutes of staring each other out Chameleon turned his head and sauntered over to E's.

Well done Naughty Twin!