Sunday, 1 June 2014

What's He Up To?

I've just spotted Chameleon and what I've just witnessed does not make me feel good. There I was sitting in the front window watching Sarah and the lighter Naughty Twin sitting enjoying the last of the days sun when out of the corner of my eye I spotted Chameleon strutting his stuff bold as brass across Tiny and then Mogsie and Twizzle's lawn.
He walked right in front of the lighter Naughty Twin who didn't move just watched what he was doing.
Across the pathway to where Sarah was sitting and circled her.
I could tell she was surprised at his boldness and the threat in his gate, firmly keeping her eyes fixed on him, no way was he going to get out of her sight.
Passing Sarah he made sure the lighter Naughty Twin was still watching him as he passed him and walked right up the back of the house. I must try and catch Doublay tomorrow to see if he knows what he's up to. What is he up to?