Saturday, 21 June 2014

A Deal Had Been Struck - A Small Price To Pay

It's very early and we've all been up for hours. Disappears Daddy has been suffering with a bad case of the hay fever and woke us all up but it was OK because Stay Daddy said he wanted to get to the shops early as he needed a handle for the downstairs toilet, he's been in there all week paint brush in hand but I've been keeping out of it, I must pop in there when he's finished and see what he's been upto.

Anyway this getting up malarkey wasn't a bad thing as I saw something very interesting occurring over the road, Doublay and Chameleon were in deep conversation. Back and forth the words went and at one time it looked like it was going to be getting out of hand as Doublay looked furious and for once Chameleon seemed to be listening.

Anyway after Chameleon walked off Doublay came running over and said to me that Chameleon was in with out plan, a deal had been struck to get Foxy to go and cause some ciaos in George's house to put off the new people from buying the property and hopefully everyone can stay. We have to get him Dreamies on a regular basis and leave them out the front of our properties. A small price to pay for the gang to stay together.