Sunday, 5 August 2012

Nearly A Dog's Dinner

I've just received this urgent notice from Twizzle and it's brought some concerning news to my attention.

Hi Lil' 
It’s Twizzle!

I just had to contact you, as do you know what happened to me last night? I nearly got eaten by a dog!

I was walking my Dad as usual when this dog, which my Dad said was a Doberman, suddenly appeared beside us and it wasn’t on a lead. My Dad shouted at its Mum and Dad to get it away and because he didn’t want me to get eaten he yanked me by my harness right up in the air. As you can imagine I was absolutely terrified and I scratched my Dad’s face and hands and tummy and he started bleeding. The dog’s Mum shouted out “it’s a cat!” Of course I’m a cat, everyone knows that and everyone knows that I have to take my Dad for a walk to give him some exercise and also to keep my nice slim figure. The dog went back to its Mum and Dad and me and my Dad went indoors. 

 My Dad had to put water on his face to stop all the blood running down it. I was surprised that Mogsie didn’t come to my aid but I think that he was frightened as well. In fact we both had to stay indoors and have a little nap to get over the shock! It put us off our food as well!

I know that George, Emma, the Naughty Twins and Sarah think that I’m a bit ferocious but you know that I’m really, like you, a big softie. It’s just that I don’t like all these cats coming over to my house and eating my food and getting strokes from my Mum and they have to be kept in their place and know who’s boss! When I had my little nap last night to get over the shock, I napped on the back of my Mum’s armchair so that she could see that I needed to be near her.

Well at least I’m still here to tell the story and not a “dog’s dinner”!
With love from Twizzle

I am in a bit of shock I shall have to think what I shall reply with and keep my eyes wide open for that Doberman.