Saturday, 18 August 2012

Grass & Then A Message

I can feel a fur ball growing in me this past day or so and it's been making me sluggish.

Stay at home daddy says he feels the same after he's eaten half a loaf of bread.

Anyway I've been trying to shift my problem but it's not quite ready yet so I decided to go outside and eat some grass to help it on it's way.

The best place in the garden for the longest grass is at the end near the Peace Garden. The daddies find it hard to trim that bit when they are hovering the grass as the machine wire keeps on snapping so they often don't bother.

I passed Nadia on the way. She's not slow for a Tortoise but let's face it her legs are tiny compared to mine and she seems to get easily distracted so I was soon up there.

Just as I was deciding if I had got the balance right a glint hit me in the face. A message was coming. The Swinging Heart of Love was beaming it out to me, someone out there was loving me right at that moment.

I retired to one of my chairs to think about it. It was a very clear and direct note but who was it?

Trouble is the fur ball still hasn't shifted and with the added grass and intence thinking it's making me so very sleepy.