Monday, 20 August 2012

Taking The Mick

Who on earth does that Naughty Twin think he is!

I know that we've been having a bit of a thaw in relations recently and we've all been working on the same side against our world intruders. Hey I even had a bit of a chat with Emma this morning, well more Emma chatted I listened and this afternoon we sat near each other silently watching the afternoon go by. However I do not appreciate anyone, let alone one of those Naughty Twins sitting on the daddies car. I draw a line somewhere and that is it.

I gave him my best glare and he didn't bat an eyelid, no movement, not one millimetre. I went out on the window ledge, still nothing. I glared again and just as I was ready to jump onto the grass off he ran, looking over his shoulder as he went. Is he taking the mick?