Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Paying Homage

Ahhh that's sweet I've just caught Emma paying homage at the Peace Garden to those that aren't with us. She walked across our garage roof, down the fence and sat by the Swinging Heart of Love.

It's a special place at the end of the garden under a lovely tree, with a little birds hideout the daddies put up, full of bright flowers and little plants where the daddies and I go to think of those that have gone before; Sally, Smokie, Evie, Misty, Lucy and Penny the Jack Russell. It's the first place Nadia runs to when she escapes out the backdoor.

I didn't think that anyone else knew about our special place but I guess Emma is a bit more in tune with vibrations than I thought. Even though they are still with us somewhere I also go there to think of my girls and Charlie wherever they may be, I do miss them sometimes.