Friday, 3 August 2012


This is just madness, according to some poll these are the top ten most unusual cat names of 2012. Wouldn't mind we're only just over half way through and what is this a competition to humiliate your cat?

1. Pico de Gato . Arriba
2. Dingleberry  - Tut
3. Dumpster Kitty - That's just cruel!
4. Schnicklefritz - Now that one I thought absurd at first but it's grown on me. Love it!
5. Koobenfarben - What's that German for fart?
6. Sassy Pants Huska - Cut to Rula Lenska
7.Vincent Van Furrball - Up himself
8. Kitty Gaga - Weird Slag.
9. Beefra - Smelly
10. Mister Bigglesworth - Now he I think is one worth getting to know.

PS Just to clear up any misunderstanding I love Lady Gaga and in no way am I suggesting she's a weird slag. It's the Kitty that makes it slaggy, look at this!