Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Mogsie Foiled?

The daddies have been ensconced in the kitchen for the past couple of days although all activity seems to have stopped now. Consequence of this I've been left to my own devises and have chosen to spend the time catching up on my sleep.

I've woken up just in time though to see a Naughty Twin outsmart Mogsie.

Mogsie was happy sitting on his lawn having  his afternoon clean when he was approached by one of the Naughty Twins, wanting a chase.

Up Mogsie got and ran after him but the Naughty Twin already had his exit planned and ran through Tiny's gate. I must admit it was a clever plan to. The thing is Mogsie is so much bigger and the gap between the bars were too small. He's sitting there now waiting, can it really be that Mogsie has been foiled?