Sunday, 5 August 2012

My Reply to Twizzle

Well so much for my afternoon of sleeping in the sun, you just never know when something's going to happen here.

I thought very hard about what to say to Twizzle I was still in a bit of a state of shock myself, so goodness only knows how she was feeling. A dog nearly ate you and then your daddy gives you an involuntary bungee, not sure what weird game fate was playing on her yesterday. I wanted to be sympathetic and yet we must be on alert as well. So I wrote back;

Hi Twizzle,

It’s Lil’ here OMG I did see something but I think I caught the end of it you must have been so scared. I haven’t seen that sort of a dog around here before I will definitely keep an eye out and spread the word to everyone else. I’ll have a think about what we should do if this problem ever arises again. This is our world and we can have no violent intruders coming in, a big hug to you Twizzle and please let me know if there are any further developments or sightings x

PS I hope your daddies face is OK now,must have fair shaken him up too

I think that's done the job.