Thursday, 23 August 2012

Who's The Cat & Who's The Mouse?

I'm not sure who's the cat and who's the mouse in this game daddy and me seem to be playing today.

He's sticking to what he said after the diet coke incident and firmly shutting the office door after him. Three times he's come out this morning and three times I've snuck in.

First time I got a stroke and thought ahh made it as he put me on my chair. Stupidly I hadn't learnt my lesson form the other day and I stood up for a little bit more and was promptly ejected.

Second time I snuck in he fooled me by going downstairs into the biscuit tin. I stupidly followed him thinking he was done for the day. When I turned around he was gone and I heard the door shut, with me on the wrong side.

Us cat's are smart, he knew I wouldn't fall for the same trick so soon so I knew if I followed I must at least get something to keep me there and bingo a handful of Dreamies to keep me occupied while he crept upstairs.

Now gotta think, what do I want next?