Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Right & Wrong

Yep I was right and wrong. Right about the Naughty Twin, wrong about Sarah.

He was planning trouble all along, although Mogsie has taken control of the situation and is now keeping watch over the road to ensure peace reigns.

Daddy went out to pick up disappears daddy and it began to kick off just before they came back. The Naughty Twin went over onto the next house's garden and started playing around with the flowers. Now everyone knows you leave AM's garden alone. He spends a lot of time and care on it and it always looks beautiful. When we first moved here I can remember daddy sitting me down and telling me the rule that I must not ever do anything to it. I could use our garden but no one else's.

Then as I could see the daddies coming down the road he moved back to our path like he was going to square up to them, sitting slap bang in the middle face forward. Well Mogsie spotted what was happening and in his usual masterful unbothered style walked across the road forcing the daddies to slow down. R and Twizzle out for a walk saw the whole thing and R called to Mogsie to hurry up. I could see the daddies laughing in the car but I guess they didn't realise what had been happening. On Mogsie walked not phased about how long he was making the daddies wait and walked straight towards the Naughty Twin, who fled. Naughty Twin is many things but I guess not stupid, no way would he win. My hero.

I really must learn to not make assumptions about others though this time I was totally wrong about Sarah, she must have been trying to talk him out of naughtiness. Many times recently I'm finding I'm hanging my head in shame. Must try harder.