Sunday, 12 August 2012

A Sign, An Omen. He Will Return

My catty powers are heightening at the moment, I've noticed a sign that was under my nose all the time.

Yesterday I was saying that I smelt something in the air and then about 2 this morning I saw Foxy Lectar creeping under the street light like a Victorian assassin.

Well today just now as I was watching out for the Gooses From The Lake to fly by I saw a menacing sign left by Foxy Lectar. How could I not have spotted it before he was making it so obvious and yet I wasn't listening properly to my intuition.

On the lawn viewed from a different angle I see that Foxy Lectar has dug a portrait of himself, his snout, a bit of an ear and eyes clearly seen. I had thought that he was looking for the squirrels nuts, all along he was leaving me a sign that he will return!