Friday, 17 August 2012

Why Us Cat's Don't Like Water

Although daddy says he has, I've not seen Tiny out recently, however I've just spotted him doing one of the things he seems to like greatly. Watching his daddy wash his car.

Now in the time that I've been here, this is something that I have come to notice about that little one. Every time his daddy washes his car he comes to his gate and watches him, wagging his tail and very occasionally having a little chat. He really seems to love it and the fact that the sun is shinning today must be an added bonus.

I don't know what it is with dogs, why they seem to like water so much, so many japes they seem to have. Whilst it's true in the majority of cases us cat's do not generally partake there are some exceptions. Daddy tells me that when Evie was a baby that she used to like to jump in the bath when he'd finished and go for a little swim. I know they were close but that's well urgh. 

But the thing is water and us cats are just not best bedfellows. It makes us cold, it can hurt our delicate bits on our faces and let's be honest drenched is not a good look. Although apparently these rules do not appear to our larger cousins who seem to love it and look great dripping. Wonder which way Mogsie swings he looks a bit like a lion to me?

Ahh now thinking about it that would explain it. There's been water out the hose ban, although not now. That's why I've not spotted Tiny recently. Very pleased that I didn't need to consult with The Wiseman on that one, worked it out all myself.