Thursday, 9 August 2012

First Contact

I've made first contact with Mogsie.

It's turned into quite a warm day and daddy has been out in the garden watering and weeding and things and I've been hanging out with him. I go into the back garden all the time, it's my kingdom, but I'm more reticent about going out the front as there's the cars that drive by which I've never really liked, unlike Evie who used to like going for a drive with daddy.

I also don't feel as confident with all the other cat's around. I guess it's just because I'm shy, although the daddies think I'm being a bit standoffish. Don't get me wrong I stand up for myself when need be but I just prefer to hangout with the daddies and Nadia.

Anyway Mogsie is sitting under the daddies car, for the shade, and with no other cats around and with daddy out the front I knew I'd be safe and I decided that if I want him to notice me I had better make myself noticed, so I walked up to him. Not too close I stayed about 3 jumps away but I put on my prettiest face and I know he noticed me, he blinked even if he didn't move. I stayed there for about 5 seconds before I came back in, that's enough for today but I feel rather excited and pleased with myself.