Monday, 27 August 2012

Pulling Teeth?

Me and Nadia have been keeping out of the daddies way today. Nadia has retreated the furthest she possibly can from them and is hiding in the corner of the downstairs toilet and I've been asleep upstairs most of the afternoon.

Usually these kind of creative ventures start out a good idea and end with a feeling of success tinged with a slight tension in the air with lots of cigarette smoking, although today seems to be a happy affair. Should have stayed where I was. I was only down one minute venturing into the kitchen to see what they were up to and got gunked.

For some reason they have been spending the afternoon with, what looks like to me, pulling paper off the kitchen wall. Well I'm sure that's what it is although daddy is insistent it's like pulling teeth. I wish they'd just stop looking at me and get this off my back I don't want to touch it.