Friday, 24 August 2012

Oh No Sugar, Any Room Over There?

The daddies have been out with The Boy and The Girl today and I don't know where they've been or what they've been up to but they've come back kind of mad.

First of all they all ended up lighting a fire in the garden and cooking food on it, which on it's own is fine, hey I even was out there with them for a while playing around in the Peace Garden and having a look over the back wall. However when it started to rain common sense dictated that you come indoors, I did, they didn't preferring to sit out in the pouring rain continuing with what they were doing.

Then when they did eventually come in disappears daddy ate sugar. This is always a recipe for disaster. Lots of shouting, punching between The Girl and daddy, jumping up and down on the settee and general noise. In the end even though stay daddy and The Boy were giving me lots of attention and strokes I couldn't bear it and decided to retire to the office, the one place I knew I would be safe today.

Out the window I could see Emma, Sarah and a Naughty Twin sitting on Mogsie and Twizzles path. Even though it was still a little drizzly I was very tempted to go and join them just to escape the ciaos downstairs. It's nice to see the darker Naughty Twin back, I've been wondering where he's been. Any room over there?