Thursday, 30 August 2012

Bella The Myth

For a while the daddies have occasionally talked about some other cat they call Bella.

Now this Bella must be a mysterious one because I've lived her two years and I've never seen her. Some things do appear to back up the myth that she exists. According to the daddies she lives with George, Emma, Sarah and The Naughty Twins. Apparently she's got the look of George about her so that may mean that there is a family collection. Apart from those tipbits very little is known about her, well by me or the daddies that is.

However putting this very limited knowledge together I think I may have identified the cat that is quite happy sitting on my rockery and ignoring the calls of R from across the road to move, as Bella. I shall have to do some more investigating about this one, if she's decided to be so brazen I think I may have trouble on my hands.