Sunday, 12 August 2012

An Audience With The Wiseman

The Wiseman has lived with me all my life and from way before according to legend passed down. He first turned up somewhere midway through Evie's Reign when they lived in the other land, silently in the corner of the garden.

There he stood all weathers never speaking, never moving. Yet The Wiseman has a mystical presence. If you consult with him he puts the answers in your head. Sometimes it's a question for you to answer yourself, a journey along the way often part of the solution.

He is a wiseman indeed, an audience a privilege, a trip to him I decided to make.

Here he lives in the corner of the Peace Garden, appearing mysteriously on spot the day we moved, still no movement, same as before, same as always.

I passed Nadia on the way, she seems to spend most of her outside time here munching away next to him.

To learn from The Wiseman I needed to look into him and relax. I then thought long and hard about the Foxy Lectar situation and then I heard him speak.

"Ahh so you come to see yourself."

I thought.

I needed to look for more evidence and see if anyone else had information. It was time for me to make direct contact with the Catworld.