Friday, 31 August 2012

I May Be Confused But I'm Not Stupid

I think that they think that I'm stupid.

 Daddydaddy is playing some weird game with me tonight.

Daddydaddy is feeding me Dreamies. Now I know this is not normal behaviour and as much as I like them I have approached the eating of them with caution.  It's usually me that teasing him and me being ignored, tonight he's feeding me my treats happily. I'm confused at what his plan is, I shall be keeping a close eye on him, I don't think he is to be underestimated.

Once he had finished the Daddymummy started feeding them to me. Now I do know what's behind this as stay daddy called across to her that I might come to her if she feeds me some Dreamies.

OK I'll walk near her but I won't go near. I'm a man's cat me and a man's cat I'll stay. There's only ever been two woman I go to, S one of the daddies friends and Nanny but I've not seen her for a long long time. I miss her I do wonder where she went?