Sunday, 19 August 2012

A Dolphin In The Sky

It's a typical Sunday morning, apart from the heat which is extraordinary today. I'm not complaining but it does make me sleepy and I've been doing a bit too much of that recently.

I've been trying to get cool wherever I can. Any little breeze by an open window and I'm there, but it just wasn't working today I couldn't cool down.
From my spot on the window ledge I could see that George is also having a warm time of it. 

His trick is to sit on cold bricks. I've tried but the gravelly bits are a bit too rough for me.

I just couldn't settle and decided to go and pay some homage in the Peace Garden. It's always so quiet up there that it's a great place to think and just sit and be.

My peace however was disturbed by one of the seagulls squawking.

We have a lot of bird's here, the seagulls, the Gooses From The Lake and especially the wood pigeons who daddy says have lived here all his life.

He told me that they often used to sing to him as he went to sleep in the Summer when he was a little boy. So I'm used to their noise and remain constantly surprised that their morning chorus doesn't wake the daddies.

I tried to ignore her, but she seemed very insistent on getting my attention. I'm glad she was so persistent as when I looked up I could see a dolphin in the clouds - WOW.