Tuesday, 21 August 2012

I'm Expecting Trouble

I'm expecting trouble tonight.

I've just spotted Sarah and a Naughty Twin and they seem to be plotting something. The Naughty Twin was first spotted sitting on C's fence. I thought I could see something moving in the background and Sarah popped out to join him or her, I'm still not sure which ones which.

They sat talking for a few moments but they saw me and moved around behind a tree and carried on talking. I'm not sure what Sarah's up to she's usually the one to keep them in line and yet she seems to be in cohorts with them tonight.

After chatting for a few minutes they broke their huddle, the Naughty Twin moving one side of the shed and Sarah the other. I think this was to try and divert my attention and confuse me but I'm smarter than that and I moved a little closer to have a look.

Naughty Twin broke rank and jumped into C's garden and moved around the front. He/she is the one that I trust the least to keep out of trouble and guessed what he was up to and went to the front to see what was happening.

He must think I'm blind I could see him hiding under the daddies car looking over towards Mogsie and Twizzles. Mogsie has now come out and so at least he's keeping an eye on them from that side of the road. Now either an attack is being planned on them or he is trying to confuse me. Well I shall be keeping a very close eye on his movements tonight and Sarah's. What are they trying to do, divide to concur?