Saturday, 11 August 2012

I Can Feel Something's Brewing

I'm still outside with Nadia who seems to be enjoying her sunny day forage. The daddies are pulling things up in the garden and they moved the trampoline and so I've found myself a more peaceful area of shade, which as it turns out has it's advantages.

Now they say us cats are psychic, well that's poppy. It's only some of us that have that ability.

We've all got 9 lives, although we try not to use them all up, but they are handy for the odd near scrape. We also do all have the helicopter tail power to ensure we end up on our feet and of course catty luck but psychic cat powers are something that's inbuilt to only some of us. I think I have the gift. In amongst all this peace I can sense somethings occurring.

My spot by the Swinging Heart of Love gives me prime vantage point, I shall be keeping a look out.