Sunday, 19 August 2012

Now the Sun's Gone Down

It's all happening now the suns gone down.

Mogsie has just seen off a Naughty Twin. The Naughty Twin thought that he was going to surprise ambush him by coming out of no-where and running at full pelt towards him.

Mogsie is a clever one, eyes out the back of his head that one. He turned his head, saw his attacker and waited until he was nearly at him before, quick as a wasp, began running towards him. The Naughty Twin virtually turned on the spot and ran back terrified, straight home. You can't outwit Mogsie everyone knows that, he hardly ran 10 leaps didn't even have to get to the road.

Twizzle joined him a few minutes later, out for his evening walk with R and just as they were chatting Tiny and his mummy came out for a walk and they are all having a nice chat.

Finally we've got some cool breeze although I am still very tired. I don't know where Mogsie finds his energy,  I have been hardly able to walk in this heat and there he is playing chase in his great big fur coat. Amazing