Friday 31 January 2014

Blimey I Was Not Expecting That! - Part 1

Blimey I was not expecting that!

One minute there I was having a fantastic afternoon sleep, the next I felt all funny and called out to Daddy to come and help me. Ever the faithful up he rushed and picking  me up cuddling me in his arms. I really didn't know what was going on and I don't think he did too but he took action. That's one thing about Daddy, he's useless in making day to day decisions but you give him a problem and he takes charge and low behold anyone that gets in his way when he's on a mission.

I felt a bit tired and just laid down, things were going a bit fuzzy, boy I was tired which was strange as I'd just woken up. I could hear Daddy on the phone but I wasn't really listening. He picked me up and wrapped me in my favourite blanket, one that Nanny had made, and brought me downstairs. The wool felt lovely all around me, so soft.

Daddy was saying something to River who was making a mess all over the floor, typical River bless her, but I didn't really listen, I just wanted to lay there and for Daddy to make me feel better.

Somehow I ended up in the car, it's been a long time since I've been in there. I'm not a fan of car journeys, Evie used to love them, me, nah not my thing.

It was raining out, really raining, I could't remember rain like that but it was kind of nice listening to it hitting the window and for a minute or two I lost myself in the sound. Daddy kept on saying it would be alright and reaching back to stroke my face, he knows I love that and it was soothing but I just wanted us to get to wherever we were going.

I was just beginning to fall asleep when the sound of the car door woke me up and I saw Daddy lift River up and try to get her out the car. She was struggling and Daddy nearly dropped her in a puddle. If I was feeling myself I know I would have laughed, what a sight those two make at times. Darling little River, I don't always say or show it but I do love her.

Yes it took some time. I can remember so clearly when she first turned up, hair and paws all over the place and really do you have to chase me SO much? I do have fun winding her up though whenever she was settled, walking right in front of her my tail in her face or getting her to chase me and then staying just out of her reach, so much fun. Actually she is quite nice to cuddle up with too, although I'd never let on to her she'd want it all the time.

Daddy lifted me up and took me into a place with really bright lights and smells. Wow what smells! Rabbits and all kinds of foods and dogs and other people and noise, this must be the place River says she goes to for presents and says loves so much. I don't think it's somewhere I'd put on my list of top ten places to go but it's certainly interesting, but we weren't there for that.

Daddy put me down and stroked my face. I was glad I was feeling sleepy again and I suddenly didn't want to be there, I just wanted to be back asleep in our office like I was earlier, that was lovely, so comfy, so familiar.

I could hear Daddy taking to some lady, still holding my face. I look up at him and he smiled back at me but his face confused me, his mouth was smiling but his eye's weren't. I called to him and tried to move to get settled but he said I should just stay where I was and that everything was be alright I was going to see a Doctor.

Oh so that's where he's brought me, I was glad. I think I needed to see a Doctor, I've never needed to before apart from when I've had injections which Daddy says everyone needs and just after I had Charlie and the girls.

Ah my girls and Charlie I do miss them but Disappears Daddy tells me stories of the girls from time to time so I get to hear what they are up to and Charlie, well he really was a free spirit, no stopping him. I wonder what he's up to these days? I'm sure we'll meet up again someday and he'll tell me all about the trouble he's gotten into.

Daddy then said I'd see the Doctor in a minute and he would make me feel better and that Disappears sends me lots of love and kisses and hugs.

Oh my Disappears Daddy, at the mention of his name I felt a wave of love spread all through me. It was Disappears that rescued me.

I know I spend a lot of time with Stay Daddy, that's because he's around all the time but Disappears, I've got a special kind of love of him. I can remember the day I first saw him. There I was all alone in a cage in a shop and this tall blond god walked in. Stay was with him buzzing around as he does and as soon as they spotted me they both made a beeline to where I was.

Stay being Stay poked his finger straight it and started tickling me, that was lovely I didn't want to be in the cage all on my own and I rubbed my head against his hand. Disappears bent down his shining blue eyes smiled at me. I could feel his breath on my face and instantly I fell in love. I called hello to him, come take me from here and he grinned at Stay and said; This one!

Stay asked if he was sure and he said yes, very firmly, without hesitation. I should have known then he was the more decisive of my Daddies and within minutes I was out of that horrible cage and in his arms. He smelt so warm and clean and I felt so safe in his arms. He carried me tightly to his chest all the back to what was to become my home and put me down on the floor in the living room.

Although I felt safe I was also a bit scared and hid under a shelf in the fireplace. He brought me some milk and tried to feed me some treats but I was having none of it. I could smell another cat and I didn't know what was happening or where I was.

All of a sudden Evie appeared, jet black glossy fur and green eyes, strutting in, sniffing away at me. Stay gave her loads of strokes as Disappears brought me over to meet her. I wasn't ready yet though and as soon as he let me go I ran back to the safety of my hiding place where I stayed for the best part of three days until I got more used to things. They kept on calling out to me Little Cat, which eventually got shortened to Lil'.

Evie gave off an air of aloofness but when you got to know her she was a sweetheart. She'd been with Stay Daddy for years, they were very close and it was hard to get close to him when she was around as she was very territorial. We grew close over time and she even let me sleep on the bed, Evie on Stays legs and me on Disappears.

Ah yes Disappears Daddy it would be lovely if he was here now I could show him how much I loved him and was so glad he was my Daddy.

A lady came out of a room and picked me up and took me back in, away from Stay and River. I didn't want that to happen and started to cry out as I looked back at them, both looking back at me.

No I didn't want this but the lady said she was going to take care of me and that I could see Daddy again in a minute.

OK, if it's just a minute and they can make me feel better that would be OK.

In the room the Doctor was in there waiting for me and the lady put me gently down on a table.

Tthat's OK I'm used to tables, and the lady started talking to him and telling the Doctor man what Daddy had said to her. I knew I was in the best place but I just wanted my Daddies in with me and called out to them.

The Doctor man felt my legs. I could see him doing that but I couldn't feel anything and then he felt my chest and put a little disc thing on my heart that was attached to his ears. He then asked the lady to go and get Daddy.

Daddy came in on his own. I could see River being cuddled by another lady looking our way whingeing at not being allowed in as the door closed. I was so glad Daddy was here and tried to get up but he came down to me and gently cupped my head, stroking my side as the Doctor man said something to him.

I was just so glad he was here with me that I didn't pay any attention to what was being said, I felt really, really tired and just wanted to go home and go to sleep.

The lady came back in and went behind me and started stroking me. That was nice I haven't even met her before and here she was giving me all this attention. Daddy put his head on the table right next to mine and looked right into my eyes and softly stroked my cheek. He knows what I like.

He said what beautiful eyes I have and I sent him an eye sparkle back. His eyes aren't bad either but his contact lenses must have been irritating him as they had gone red and watery but just like his mouth they were smiling at me. Wow warm love sensation, cool.

Daddy said the Doctor man was going to give me an injection.

Well that's OK, injections make you feel better when you're not feeling very well and I have had them before so I didn't struggle I just looked at Daddy who was telling me how much he loved me. Love does make things better.

The past half an hour had been so tiring though, so many things happening that I was feeling very, very tired, and as much as I tried to stay awake I just couldn't keep me eyes open anymore.

You sort me out I'll just have a little sleep.

Daddy said just to keep looking at him and how much everyone loved me. I loved them all to but I just needed to have a little sleep now.

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