Sunday 12 January 2014

Cat Foot Fall

Well after seeing Foxy last night I just couldn't sleep, I couldn't be sure that he wouldn't come back. I ended up sitting up until the light was beginning to break but I didn't spot him or any of The New Cat Crew but my eyes couldn't be everywhere.

Luckily everyone else had a sleep in this morning and so I managed to catch a few hours, nice and warm and safe in bed. When Stay stirred and brought River down stairs I thought I'd best come down and make sure she didn't get into any trouble herself, just in case they were still lurking around.

I went out the back but no one was around and then went to look out the front window and still no one. I looked right and then left but not a soul.
I thought it was probably best if I stayed in the front window as there's much more cat footfall out the front and what with it approaching lunchtime I'm sure someone would be running over to get fed my M. Alas I guess I just wasn't quiet enough, River heard me and that was that.
Maybe I'd best get myself settled in amongst the bric-a-brac on the table and hope that someone comes by soon. 

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