Monday 20 January 2014

Nervous Exhaustion

There's a palpable tension in the air and it's rising.
I've moved from front to back and back again all day but so far no signs of any unusual activity. Emma's been keeping watch and a couple of times we've nodded to each other that's all's OK.

Sarah has just popped by to see how I am. I was glad of the company as I'm here all on my own, Daddy's taken River out which I don't know is a good thing or not. Yes she's out of the way if there's any trouble but Daddy isn't here to help either.

Sarah said she was feeling very nervous as well, I guess we all are. There's not much light left I'm guessing that they are waiting for the sun to go down to make their move. I do wish they'd hurry up but maybe that's what their plan is, tire us all out with nervous exhaustion before they attack.