Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Recruitment Drive

So another late night last night. The Daddies took River out to go and see the girl, it was her birthday, I'll say Happy Birthday when I see her but at the moment I have more pressing matters to contend with. 
As the Daddies went out I saw the lighter Naughty Twin sitting on the roof of the car, she was waiting for me with a message from Mogsie to be careful. Ginger Cat passed a message that he'd heard that Foxy and the New Cat Crew where not working alone.


Yes, Silver Eyes was back. 

I could hardly believe my ears but she assured me that Silver Eyes had also been spotted. This was getting very serious now, it seemed like there was a full recruitment drive going on. I guess there is strength in numbers but there's only so many of us in this Catworld
Was there a plan I asked and the lighter Naughty Twin said yes there was but Mogsie wasn't ready to divulge it yet, but as soon as things had been confirmed up he would call a Cat Council meeting.

With that she was off, leaving me to my own thoughts. I was so glad when River and the Daddies came home so I wasn't here on my own.

I didn't sleep well and was up early, trying to work out what Mogsie could be conjuring up when River came bounding over. Of course I tried to warn her but she was having none of it.
How on earth can someone so small be so awake, so early? I'm off while I've still got a clear route.

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